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Nano electronic, J-rock, japanese, visual kei, hakuei
There is more than one artist under this name: 1. NANO is HAKUEI and ??'s (Chisato) side project, mostly dedicated to remixing old PENICILLIN songs, but they have also recorded a few completely new songs. In 2006, NANO have released seven singles and one album, unborn child's dream. The DVD versions of each single and the album contain one episode of ??????? (Dogura Magura). 2. Nano (born on July, 1988 in New York) is a Japanese singer and songwriter. She sings and plays acoustic guitar, and writes her own songs. As a young child, she loved Disney movies and musicals, and often auditioned for lead roles in school plays and musicals. At the age of 14, she decided that she wanted to become a singer in Japan, and with her parents consent, she was able to move to Japan with her mother. She auditioned, passed, and joined a performer’s school for vocal and acting lessons. However, due to the social and school stresses of living in a new country, she made the decision to move back to America in order to finish high school. During her time in America, she took the opportunity to take vocal lessons from Chrissy Faith (Grammy nominated background vocalist), and began to take up guitar seriously, through self-training, which inspired her to experiment with songwriting. In the summer of 2007, she returned to Japan with the purpose of pursuing music professionally. She began writing, playing, recording, and mixing original songs and shared them on various online indie websites, where she received very positive responses from many listeners. She is currently in the process of furthering her career in music. 3. Nano is a Russian pop-rock band that took part in the national preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. 4. Nano (born Arnaud Methivier) is a French accordionist and has been a session musician for famous French musicians as well as international artists such as Suzanne Vega and Boy George. He started his solo career with his first album, L'autre c?t? du vent, in 2004. 5. Nano is a Japanese female vocalist best known for her many collaborations with the doujin music circle Silver Forest. 6. NANO is a Czech indie pop band from Prague.
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