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Miaka Yūki (夕城 美朱 ,Yūki Miaka?) is the primary protagonist in Fushigi Yūgi. She is an ordinary fifteen year old junior high school student who initially decides to become the Priestess of Suzaku (Suzaku no Miko) in order to use one of the wishes she will be granted when she summons Suzaku in order to enter the high school of her choice and be with her friend Yui. Miaka falls in love with Tamahome, which becomes a driving motivation for Miaka to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku and summon the god. Though Miaka's final wish as the Priestess of Suzaku had been for her and Tamahome to be together forever, she chooses instead to ask Suzaku to save 'this world' (Miaka's world after being destroyed by the battle between Seiryuu and Suzaku) and restore it to the way it was. Her warriors are shocked and even comment on how "so completely selfless" it is. Tamahome is then forced to return to his own world because of it. Outgoing and optimistic, Miaka is amicable with friends and strangers, and has tendency to be guileless and sentimental. She is naïve, but sometimes surprises adults with an insightful comment. Miaka is generous and cares greatly for other people and perceives herself to be a considerate person. She can be unassuming and unsophisticated, but also magnanimous and courageous. Because she creates the impression of a person who always needs help, Miaka has the good fortune of almost always having someone looking after her. Miaka's primary weakness is her gluttony; she is constantly eating and is drawn to any type of food. She is an avid fan of anime, imitating several characters during the course of the story. Miakas seiyuu is Araki Kae.
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