Fate ApocryphaEiyuu Unmei no Uta 253 чел. 1:04
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Fate Apocrypha Eiyuu Unmei no Uta

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Luca Drum and bass, liquid funk, melodic hardcore, visual kei, New Zealand
There is more than one artist with this name: ********************************************************* Luca - Drum & Bass Producer from New Zealand. Signed to Samurai Music. ********************************************************* (american Luca) This Tucson, AZ band plays a blend of rock, pop, folk, and americana with some jazzy and soulful elements thrown in for good measure. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Nick Luca has worked with many great artists while working at Wavelab Studio. He has appeared on albums by Neko Case, M Ward, Calexico, Devotchka, Howe Gelb and Robyn Hitchcock to name a few. Along with longtime bassist, Chris Giambelluca, and drummer Paul Elllis, Luca weaves a tapestry of love and longing to a soundtrack forged the heat of the Southwestern sun. ********************************************************* LU?A is a Japanese band that was created on Yamaguchi, they made Rock music, the lyrics were mostly written by Kazuki, the vocalist, other members were shuji, Ren and Toshi, the band went in hiatus around 2000 , and the members started different projects but on 2005-2006 they held some concerts together. ************************************************************ Luca is a indie band from Edmonton, Ab ********************************************************* Luca. British (?) indie band of the late '90s. 3 songs released on a sampler of the Glasgow based label Mint Records in 1999. Band members: Holloway, Palmer, Cundy, Watkins ********************************************************* Luca is also a short lived indie folk group from Australia. They released one EP in called Tales From The Tea Leaves. ********************************************************* Stage name of Carolin Sophie Reinartz, acoustic pop singer-songwriter from Berlin. When she was eight years old, Luca was sure to be a famous singer one day. At the age of five she had for the first time a violin in her hand, which she did not put down until 17. Orchestras and choirs of all kinds accompanied them. She had piano, saxophone, and later guitar and singing lessons. Age 14 she started to write her own songs and recorded herself. She learned singing and playing the guitar by herself. After a year in Finland, she founded a jazz duo and from then stood again and again alone on stage. Although her music had early success, she decided after high school to study art. "What I can't sing, I paint and I sing what I can't paint. There is so much to tell, so many feelings and emotions that can’t be described in words. For me, it's all art. Music is just a different language. "
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