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Shelter Shelter
Триплексоголик xxxHOLiC
жанркомедия, мистика, повседневность, драма
типТВ (24 эп.), 25 мин.
период выхода07.04.2006/29.09.2006
режиссерМидзусима Цутому
по мангеXXXHOLiC
Исполнитель: Shikao Suga
Время: 00:04:51
Последний раз заказывали: 2018-11-08 11:06:33
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 Suga Shikao
Sanagi (Chrysalis) (English Version) lyrics

Just like the body's thin mucous membrane is sticky to the touch
Your thick fingers were chilly, though I didn't not like that
But whenever you would come around, you would only spout off lies
Yet you thought that I was a fool from the beginning...

I didn't think that this day would come
But I feel worry about you being there, where you are

You weren't around, so my body dried up and turned the color of a chrysalis, forever
In a room that was cold from the winter, I'm reborn; I'm like a beautiful butterfly
Those wings that are already wet, and don't seem of any use to anyone
Open little by little, and I have dreams of flying in the sky...

If that day were to suddenly come
Where should I fly off to with those wings?

I've forgotten your name, just as though you were a nameless piece of livestock
And instead of remembering it and crying, you disappear

I wonder if that day will come one day?
I wonder if I can forgive you for the days we were together?
I wonder if that day will come one day?
One of these days, wonderful days will come...