Made in AbyssDeep in Abyss 369 чел. 3:16
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Made in Abyss Deep in Abyss

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Инициал Ди Initial D
жанрспорт, романтика, драма
типТВ (26 эп.), 25 мин.
период выхода19.04.1998/06.12.1998
режиссерМисава Син
по мангеInitial D
Исполнитель: De.ta Queens
Время: 00:04:59
Последний раз заказывали: 2018-05-20 10:48:07
ТрекDance Around The World
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Текст песни (ромадзи)

 Disco dance is our story
People get together to have fun
Keep it up tonite with the disco lights
Make it better with martini and daiquiri

Feel the beat of the music
Take a ride into this crazy night
Let's keep on dancing until the morning light

And the energy is on oh-oh-oh-oh
And the power is on don't turn it off
Let's sing along oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Electricity's running like a bomb in the air

Dance around the world everybody
Dance around the world get up on the floor all boys and girls
Shake your hands and move your body dancing the night away

Keep on dancing together
Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Rome
Let's keep on dancing until the morning light