Asura Cryin'Spiral 446 чел. 2:28
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Asura Cryin' Spiral

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Tiara j-pop, japanese, female vocalists, JPop, indie rock
There are at least six artists with the name "Tiara". 1) An indie rock band from Columbus, Ohio lead by eric Metronome. They have released five albums; Calling the Whales, Again Cast In, Titletron, The Summer of the Lion, The Summer of the Lamb, and Chained to the Crown. 2) A Japanese pop and R&B artist who debuted in September 2009 with the single "Sayonara wo Kimi ni..." featuring Spontania. 3) A Finnish female pop rock artist Tiia Marjanen that took part in the 2009 Finnish ESC national final with "Manala". 4) An El Salvadoran experimental metal / atmospheric metal / doom metal band that incorporates live theater and dance performances during its shows. Their debut album call "Misterios De La Bruma... El Hechizo De La Niebla" Tiara at Myspace 5) Now-defunct Maltese alternative rock band (1998 - 2001) with vocals provided by Ira Losco. 6) A South Korean girl group known as T-ara, correct tag ???.
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