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Unison Square Garden japanese, J-rock, rock, indie, j-pop
2004 - Present. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN (??????????????) is a three-piece Japanese rock band that formed in April 2004 and signed to TOY'S FACTORY label. Their early releases were electropop-based, but over time become a rock style. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN were previously signed to the indie record label UK PROJECT. On July 23rd 2008, they made their major debut with the re-release of their demo single "Sentimental Period". Members * Saito Kousuke (????): Vocal & Guitar * Tabuchi Tomoya (????): Vocal & Bass * Suzuki Takao (????): Vocal & Drums Even though they are young, they already have a number of live performances under their belts, making them a band worth having a look at!
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