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Kishidan J-rock, Japanese music, happy, dj ozma, j-song
Kishidan, which means "The Knights", is a comical pop rock band from Japan. They have a nostalgic retro flair, wearing Japanese school uniforms extended in the style of the b?s?zoku. Musically, they have a much more pop sound than the traditional rock sound. * Ayanokouji Shou (??? ? ?) (Show) — Vocals, Dragon Voice and emcee; birthdate 26 April (Pop singer DJ OZMA is widely rumored to be his alter-ego.) * Saotome Hikaru (??? ? ?) (Hikaru) — Dance and scream; birthdate 24 January * Saionji Hitomi (??? ? ?) (Tommy) — Guitar; birthdate 23 October * Hoshi Grandmarnier (? ?????? ?) (Ranma) — Guitar; birthdate 1 March * Shiratori Shouchikubai (?? ??? ?) (Matsu) — Bass guitar; birthdate 17 March * Shiratori Yukinojou (?? ??? ?) (Yukki) — Drums & drunk; birthdate 24 May Their various uniforms, modeled after the short and long-coat b?s?zoku-preferred versions of old Japanese gakuran (boys' school uniforms), their matching b?s?zoku uniforms (the kind modeled on those worn by kamikaze pilots)...everything is done with a touch of humor and a nostalgic fondness for the gangs and values of days not-long gone by. The group's lyrics are predominantly about motorcycles, being with your gang, conflicting with school, and adolescent love. Though Kishidan has something of a comic approach to their presentation and performances, their songs are often sincere and about issues that are generally important to young people. Kishidan's hit songs "One Night Carnival" and "Zoku" were featured in Nintendo's Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, and Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2, respectively, which are games about ouendan (cheer squads). The song "One Night Carnival" (a cover version) is even used for a level that was inspired by one of Kishidan's live performances. Coincidentally, the characters wear long gakuran coats and dance like Kishidan. The dancing style is based on actual ouendan cheering routines, and long gakuran coats are often worn by ouendan cheer teams. It is possible that Kishidan's lively and powerful dance routines were inspired by the tradition of ouendan cheering, a subject that is unique to Japanese culture. Kishidan embraces the theatrics of rock music in their live performance, and make extensive use of pop dancing and theatrics. Members of the band will sometimes pretend to perish mid-concert in battle with rival school gangs. Kishidan is also known to parody current popular Japanese songs, such as Matsudaira Ken's "Matsuken Samba II", and Nakashima Mika's "Glamorous Sky" from the film adaptation of Nana.
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