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Cherryblossom j-pop, japanese, J-rock, female vocalists, j-mix
CHERRYBLOSSOM (チェリーブロッサム), is a band in Japan. Member of Pony Canyon. Activities in Nagoya. 2007 activities begin Monday. Abbreviation is CHERIBURO. The vocal MEEKO, MAICO the fans, "MI-IMAI" is called. Members MEEKO (MIKO, born January 27,) O-, for rap vocals (age 20) MAICO (MAIKO, born Sunday, October 13) B-team vocal HAMORI (23 years) 83 (Yasu, born Sunday, June 8) A-and charge-based (30 years) YUっ's (born January 21,) AB type of DORAMUSU (26 years) YUっother day who was born in Nagoya. YUっplace is from Niigata. KUPPA 2009 with three, left the band due to personal reasons. Career In February 2006, prior to the band, who left the midnightPumpkin 83, start looking for that is the foundation of the band members. In June the same year MEEKO, MAICO formed by joining CHERRYBLOSSOM. February 2007 KUPPA, will join the current members YUっplace. INDIZUARUBAMU to produce three of the following month. Sunday July 25 the album "Riskygirl", released in December 2007's TV Animation tutor Hitman REBORN! Third Opening, the OP "DIVE TO WORLD" debuted in the majors.
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