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Air Master Retsu No Matataki

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Symbol eurobeat, drone, anime soundtrack, ambient, idm
Multiple artists go by the name Symbol. 1). Symbol is the solo debut of This Will Destroy You's co-founder & guitarist Christopher Royal King 2. An alias for the eurobeat artist Simone Valeo from Italy. He is most known for providing music for the anime series INITIAL D. Song releases include "Forever Love Me", "Forever Young", "Lonely Boy", "Lovin' You", "Sound Of The Night" and "You Shot Me Down". 3. An electronic R&B artist from the United States. Album releases include "fEARS rULING pLANEt" in 2004 and "Plastic Cages" in 2007. 4. An electronic artist from Portugal. Album releases include "Metaphore" in 2007.
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