ChobitsLet me be with you 286 чел. 2:43
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Chobits Let me be with you

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Dusty eurobeat, jazz, electronic, funk, nu-jazz
There is a few artists with the name Dusty: 1) The pseudonym for the eurobeat artist Ennio Zanini, better known as Fastway, who is part of Go 2. He is on the SCP label. More info at http://www.scp-music.com/dusty.htm. 2) German producer and owner of the Jazz&Milk Recordings label. The following albums are by this artist: Jazz & Milk, An Exotic Breed, Keep It Raw EP & Keep It Raw Remixed. 3) From Spain on the intoxik Limited label. 4) Unsigned American singer songwriter. 5) Electro-acoustic producer from Istanbul.
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