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Black Cat Daia no Hana

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Dave Rodgers eurobeat, Initial D, anime, super eurobeat, dance
Dave Rodgers (Real name Giancarlo Pasquini) is a songwriter, composer, and producer. He started production with the band Aleph. Since then, he has collaborated with artists from around the world and has produced several multi-platinum albums. Rodgers has been honored by the Japanese music industry for selling more than one million albums. Giancarlo is the owner of Rodgers Studio and A-Beat C Productions. Considered by many to be the "Godfather of Eurobeat", he has written and produced songs for J-Pop artists such as Namie Amuro, V6 and MAX, which proved to help introduce a lot of Japanese music fans to the style of Eurobeat. The two big gauges of success for a Eurobeat song is how big the song is as a Parapara hit and how many times it gets repeated on nonstop mix albums. To this respect, many songs that Dave Rodgers has produced have become massive hits such as Space Boy by Dave Rodgers himself, I Wanna Dance by Domino, Sunday by Nuage, Go Go Money by Neo, Over The Rainbow by Powerful T. and Try Me by Lolita as examples. Because of the history Rodgers has with Avex Trax (producers of the long running Super Eurobeat series), A-Beat C Productions has generally been the label with the most songs on the SEB (shortened version of Super Eurobeat) album (save for SEB Volume 153 where Stefano Castagna Productions (SCP) took the lead with the most amount of songs on the album). Dave's most recent hits include Space Invader, a semi-homage to Space Boy and The Final Countdown (both songs sung by Dave), Eldorado, and a remake of the Wain L classic, Make Up Your Mind. Dave and A-Beat C continue to flourish when others seem to be weakening. Some of his signature music has also been heard and recognized in the Japanese manga-based anime series "Initial D".
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