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Prague post-rock, japanese, chinese, rock, J-rock
There is more than one band with this name: [1] Prague (プラハ Puraha) is a Japanese three-piece rock band formed in 2006. In September 2009, they signed with Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Records and made their major-label debut. Band Members: 鈴木 雄太/Yuta Suzuki (Vocals & Guitar) 伊藤 賢佑/Kensuke Ito (Drums) 金野 倫仁/Tsuguhito Konno (Bass) The band first formed when all three members were attending the same music college. Suzuki and Ito -classmates since high school- were introduced to bassist Konno through a mutual friend, and in 2006 they began playing around Tokyo under the name: Sound Coordination. In 2009, they signed with Ki/oon Records and released their first major-label single 'Slow Down'. The band's second single 'Light Infection' was featured as the opening theme during Season 4 of the anime series Gintama. Later, the band's fourth single 'バランスドール'/Balance Doll, was used for the same series again. This time as the eighteenth ending theme. Official website: http://www.praguemusic.jp [2] Band Members: Lee Zafka (Guitar, Synthesizer) Lisa Li (Keyboard), 5355 (Bass, Synthesizer) Mobby Shizi (Drums) Prague(formerly known as: Surging Prague, Spring of Prague or Prague Spring) was founded in the summer of 1998 in Shanghai. They are a experimental rock or post-punk band with avant-garde elements. They are always breaking the rules of performing, producing, rhythm, and editing. In 2002, Prague finally makes it sure that they are an instrumental band. The peaceful melody accompanied with noise makes them different. Prague are at the same time playing as the Lowest Summer and The Wedding Beast. The Wedding Beast is the new band founded by Zafka, 5355 and Shizi on March 2008. They use guitar, drums and synthesizers as well, as their traditional musical instruments. They try to enlarge the possibility between the improvisatory sound and the instrumental music. The Lowest Summer is about city-sound, slow rhythm, and guitar noise. In 2006, they performed in ShuiLuGuanYin and D-22 and redid the incidental music of Sátántangó on the stage.
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