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Redballoon japanese, J-rock, rock, j-pop, jrock
Formed by the Muraya brothers in Aichi Prefecture, redballoon was originally a six person Rock/Jazz/Funk fusion band which included a DJ and Saxophone player. They performed at various live houses in their hometown of Nagoya, including E.L.L/ell.FITSALL, Hackfan (ハックフィン), and Apollo Theatre where they were noted for their energetic performances. They performed their first one-man live at the Hackfan. After their live at the Chitashi Labor Assembly Hall (知多市勤労会館) they underwent a member change. In 2005 redballoon released a CD limited to Tower Records as a three member rock band. The CD, 24/7 was a number one hit on the Nagoya Indies chart. That summer the band participated in Nagoya's event "TREASURE052" and gained a lot of media attention. In November they released their Indies album, forget-me-not and did lives in Nagoya and the Tokyo greater area. In January of 2006, however, their Drummer quit. The two remaining members, the original Muraya brothers, have continued releases since. Members Muraya Kouji (村屋光二) - Vocals & Guitar Muraya Katsunori (村屋克典) - Bass Discography Albums [2005.11.09] forget-me-not (Indies) [2007.09.05] FIRST STORY Mini-Albums [2005.02.02] 24/7 (Indies) Singles [2003.07.27] Sanagi (サナギ) (Indies) [2006.11.22] Yuki no Tsubasa (雪のツバサ; Wings of Snow) [2007.03.07] Hashiridasu Kisetsu (走り出す季節; Beginning to Run Season) [2007.05.09] Gin'iro no Sora (銀色の空; Silver Sky) [2007.07.25] Manatsu no Chizu (真夏の地図; Map of Midsummer)
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