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Vampire Knight Still Doll

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Shigi j-pop, japanese, female vocalists, J-rock, anime
* Name: SHIGI (シギ) * Birthdate: 1987.04.21 * Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture * Height: 152cm * Blood Type: O On 1998, at the age of 11, SHIGI bought her first guitar. In the next year she started to create her own songs and playing them at Kawaguchi Station. In the following years she would made various live events and radio hosting. On 2008 she made her official debut with the single Shoumei which was used as theme song for Fujiwara Tatsuya's film, Chameleon. Discography [2008.07.02] Shoumei [2008.11.12] Kyoumei [2009.02.18] Kagayaita
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