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Ghostnote japanese, rock, J-rock, indie, alternative
There is more than one band by the name of Ghostnote: 1) Tag for japanese band: ゴーストノート Ghostnote is a Japanese band Formed in 2003 in Okayama, Japan.The band has 3 members : ◆中村勇介 (Drum&Chorus) ◆大平伸正 (Vocal&Guitar) ◆佐藤慎治 (Bass&Chorus) They have 3 singles so far , the new & 3rd single is the 11th Ending theme for the anime Gintama. for more info OFFICIAL WEBSITE 2) Ghostnote is a five-member rock-pop band from around South Ostrobothnia, Finland. Formed in summer 2008 from the bassist's idea to try create something to blow up some spare time. Getting a great female vocalist from his fiancée, picking up more guitars and a drummer shouldn't be too hard. And practically that's how Ghostnote was born. With their first album released at the early 2010, it seems Ghostnote's visions of what they want to be are getting more clear, but it's still hard to say what will come out after refining it some more... Members Jaakko Erkinheimo (bass) Susanna Erkinheimo (main vocalist) Samuli Pernaa (guitar & backing vocalist) 'Jari' K. (guitar) Mikko 'Imbu' P. (drums) (official website)
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