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Hero rock, dutch, heavy metal, hard rock, Progressive rock
Hero is a multi-artist page. There are at least ten artists known by this name. 1) HERO (????), a visual kei band from Japan. Members: Vocal: JIN Guitar: SARSHI Bass: yu-ta Drums: Yusuke OHP: http://hero-izm.com 2)This is a incorrect tag for Little Hero ***CORRECT YOUR TAGS*** 3) a power metal band from Sweden. 4) an Italian band with only one album that came out in Germany's Pan label in 1974. They sung in english, and the album didn’t see a release until 1974, two years after the actual recording and one year after the death of group founder and guitarist/bassist Massimo Pravato It's an mixture of heavy rock and progressive sounds with assorted instrumentation including flute, vibes, keyboards etc. It also features some great guitar work. 5) a band from America that soon after recording of their first demo changed their name into theSTART. 6) a "pseudo-group" formed for the recording of the album "Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of A Superhero", consisting of several personnel from the band Crack The Sky. The sixth is Anglo Italian outfit Hero. Signed by David Arden to Beatroute Records who toured Europe with the Stereophonics in 2008. The group disbanded but frontman John McKeown has continued his career as a solo artist. His debut album 'Things Worth Fighting For' was released in September 2009. 7) this is an incorrect tag for ????, member of ???? ***CORRECT YOUR TAGS*** 8)The first is the Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling, who had a number one chart hit in Holland with ‘Toen ik je zag’, from the movie All Stars. Antonie Kamerling Died on 6 October 2010 9) A young harpist and singer who featured on talent show Must Be The Music on Sky TV. First single Swept Away figured in the lower regions of the chart on first week of release. 10) HERO is a melodic hard-rock band from the UK.
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