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Tokyo Ghoul Seijatachi

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+Plus japanese, j-pop, JPop, anime, male vocalists
+Plus and the actor Kotani Yoshikazu, Nagai and Tomoya MOTO, a unit of Japanese foursome Ken Iwamoto. Inc. Jolly Roger member Formed on December 1, 2008. After appearing in films Kotani Yoshikazu "Ikemenbanku THE MOVIE "(March 14, 2009, Hiraku Kimi) theme song, which song [Answer (C / W [You])] at March 11, 2009 Indie debut CD. Released Wednesday, August 19, 2009] Dream bloom in the sun a major debut. Members : MOTO (Original) guitar Vocal * Born August 12, 1985. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. * Graduated from Berklee College of Music in the professional division, Massachusetts. * Movie "Ikemenbanku THE MOVIE" to apply for artist recruitment theme, chosen from among about 500 people. Kotani Yoshikazu (小谷嘉一) (Believing it to Kota) based Vocal * Born March 25, 1982. Born in Tokyo. * Work as an actor. Tomoya Nagai (永井朋弥) (Or even long time), vocal * Born on November 24, 1986. Born in Aichi Prefecture. * Work as an actor. Ken Iwamoto (岩元健) (Takeshi Iwamoto), Vocals * Born on July 02, 1980. Born in Tokyo. official site : http://plus-info.jp/
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