FateExtra: Last EncoreBright Burning Shout 527 чел. 4:08
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FateExtra: Last Encore Bright Burning Shout

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Savage Genius j-pop, japanese, anime, female vocalists, JPop
savage genius is a band from Kobe, Japan. It began as a songwriting group with two members, ?? (Aa, vocals and lyrics) and Takumi (composer/arranger, producer) in 2001. They debuted in the AXIA Artist Audition, and signed with Warner Music Japan, cutting two singles. In 2004 savage genius signed with major label Victor Entertainment. Over the next several years they released a multitude of singles, many used as the theme songs to animated television series. On November 30 2007, Takumi announced his departure from the band. Since then, Aa has continued the band as the sole member, working with several different producers. Official homepage: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/sg/
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