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Toradora! Pre-Parade

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Go 2 eurobeat, dance, scp, electronic, energy
The combined musical force of the artists Ennio Zanini (better known as Fastway/Dusty) and Christian Codenotti (Ace). The two have been working for SCP for many years and for a long while the idea of getting the two powerful vocalists together had been in the works. Finally on Super Eurobeat Volume 147 after many rumors and desires by fans, the dream team came forth with their first single, Not For Sale. Without a doubt one of the most influential and popular tracks in the history of SCP, the duo continue with their string of hits such Funky Funlover, Let It Burn, Looka Bomba, Power and most notably recently, they've had a massive hit with Super Striker whose release coincided with the World Cup. Their current tracks, NRG, Blood On Fire (A grouping with Christine) and Spitfire have been getting some massive play lately. Also of interest is a song from their concerts, Don't Turn It Off, which makes us wonder, how innovative and powerful can Go 2 get?
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