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Remi classical crossover, ethereal, j-classical, Classical, soprano
There are multiple artists named Remi. 1) Japanese opera soprano REMI, born 1977. Her music encompasses classical crossover, opera, ethereal, neoclassical darkwave, new age, symphonic gothic metal, and folk. 2) Remi, 22 years old from Melbourne. 3) Female MC from Croatia. 4) 22 year old Hip-Hop/R&B Artist from Belleville, ON, Canada 1) Remi. New to the game but old to its ways, 22 year old Melbourne lyricist Remi Kolawole exudes a unique style, rhythmic flow and an honest delivery. His semi tongue-in-cheek braggadocios style, by no means overshadows his lyrical abilities. Remi’s rapping persona is comfortable sitting amongst varying musical backdrops and tempos, and his singing voice is as smooth and catchy as the hooks he sings. Expertly balancing singing and rapping, Remi’s content is highly self referential, littered with pop-cultural tid bits and tales of a life equally footed in fantasy as it is reality. On the back of releasing two EPs in 2011 (‘Childish’ and ‘Five Beats I Love’) his debut 2012 album ‘Regular People Sh#%t’ not only cements his previous forte’s, but also displays a confidence in showing several new ones. The album (produced in full by local duo J Smith & Dutch) covers a varying subject matter and has equal nods (lyrically) to everyone from Slum Village to Drake as it does Black Thought and early Kanye West. Remi’s 1st single of the album, APE caused a bit of a commotion down at Triple J. As a result, Remi was made an Unearthed feature artist, and his debut LP ‘Regular People Shit’, dubbed the Hip-Hop Show’s feature album. Since then he has supported XXL freshman Danny Brown, MED, N’fa Jones, M.A.F.I.A, Jade McRae, and played at the 2012 song summit held in Sydney, along side fellow RunForYourLife members. Not bad for someone whose been rapping for a year and a half! Remi is being championed as a refreshing, young, evolving, gifted, forward thinking talent to watch, and rightfully so. 2) REMI is a female singer born in Tokyo. She is best know for her work with Takanashi Yasuharu and the fantasy band Sound Horizon. 3) Female MC from Croatia. Part of the group Elemental. 4) Male singer, rapper, producer and member of the group Meadow Gang. His debut album, Where Do We Go From Here, was released in 2014.
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