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Real hardcore, punk, punk rock, noise, seen live
There are at least seven bands that have used the name Real: 1. A modern funk band formed by former Jamiroquai bandmember Winston Rollins and are based in England 2. Mexican hardcore band from guadalajara www.myspace.com/hcreal 3. A Welsh rock band, who became popular after changing their name to Feeder. 4. A Japanese melodic-punk band - as of 2009.10.09 the band changed their name to: KEYTALK http://www.keytalkweb.com/index_1.html 5. A hardcore punk band from Přerov,Czech Republic 6. Japanese 80's, New Wave/Punk band, If you’re listening to it, please consider changing tags to REAL 7. An estonian beat-band (1964-1985)
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