Inu to Hasami wa TsukaiyouWan Wan Wan Wan N1!! 450 чел. 0:53
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Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Wan Wan Wan Wan N1!!

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Machico japanese, female vocalists, JPop, Asian, anime
Machico (???) is a Japanese pop singer and seiyuu signed to Mustard Records. Her real name is Saito Machiko (?????). In 2011, Machico participated in Horipro's 36th Talent Scout Caravan, but lost to Tadokoro Azusa (?????). However, she and several other finalists were offered a contract with Horipro. She made her music debut in 2012 and in October of the same year held her first solo concert at Rock Maykan.
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