HoneyWorksTokyo Summer Session 572 чел. 2:28
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HoneyWorks Tokyo Summer Session

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Hiroshi Kitadani j-pop, japanese, anime, J-rock, rock
Hiroshi Kitadani (きただに ひろし, Kitadani Hiroshi, real name 北谷 洋, born August 24, 1968) is a Japanese vocalist who is prominent as an anison, or a musician who primarily performs theme songs and other songs in anime. He also works behind the scenes of many songs. He currently works with JAM Project, but has also been a part of Lapis Lazuli and Stagger and does solo work. He is known for singing the first opening theme of One Piece "We Are!", the ending theme of Daigunder "We Are the Heroes", the first ending of Kamen Rider Ryuki "Hatenaki Inochi" (果てなき希望), the third ending of Ryuki "Revolution", and the eponymous first opening theme of Madan Senki Ryukendo.
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