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TUBE psytrance, j-pop, japanese, psychedelic, rock
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) TUBE (????; ch?bu) is a popular music group from Japan. This group released most of its songs in April to July earning the famous phrase, "Summer comes with TUBE". 2) Tube is the name of a trance producer from Israel, member of the Chemical Crew - the Skazi's project. Tube is Pini Alon, a talented 29 year old producer and artist from Israel. Tube is rennowned for his unique style that can be described as dark, deep and powerful and psychdelic trance. His ideas are strikingly different and his sound is fresh which works perfectly on the dance floors with top quality production. Tube started playing in 1999 and his debut album release in chemical crew. Tube's album "personality" is a big hit with psy-trance lovers. 3) Tube is Frank Heiss, who used this name for his experimental drum & bass work released on Jungle Sky Records and Home Entertainment. 4) TUBE is a grind/death/black metal band from Oslo, Norway. For more info: http://www.whip.no/bloodlust/tube/index.html
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