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SOLIDEMO japanese, j-pop, male vocalists, boyband, pop
All male, 8 member Japanese group who are all over 180cm. SOLIDEMO is the combination of two words to mean SOLID = Cool EMO = Emotional [Totally Cool and Emotional]. On one side a cool dignified face, and the other singing romantic feminine songs, these are the two faces of SOLIDEMO that gave rise to their name. Akito Teshima, who won the grand prize in the artist category in "avex audition MAX 2013" on Apr. 17th, 2013, will join as a member. He held the periodic one-man show "SOLIDEMO LIVE" at Shibuya DESEO in July 2013. Even before his debute, he attended all the performances for "a-nation island & stadium fes. 2013 powered by Weider-in-Jelly." First appeared on "Watashi no Host-chan [my lovely host]" in October held in Aoyama Gekijyo. With aim of "Japan made artist succeed in Asia", he will finally make major debut on 16, April, 2014
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