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May J. j-pop, japanese, female vocalists, j-urban, j-rnb
May Hashimoto (????) better known by her stage name May J., is a R&B and pop singer from Yokohama, Japan. Born of Japanese, Iranian, and Russian descent, May J. made her major label debut under Sony Music Japan on July 12, 2006 with her first mini-album All My Girls. She also currently hosts the music programme, J-Melo on Japanese tv network, NHK. Biography May J. was born on June 20, 1988 to a Japanese father and a mother of Persian, Russian, Turkish and English heritage. She is fluent in Japanese, English as well as her mother's native Persian language. From the age of 3, until she was 16, she learnt how to play classical piano, familiarizing herself with music until she realized the pleasures of singing and began vocal lessons at the age of 13. May J. also learnt Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop dance. At the age of 14, May J. was successful at a Sony Music Japan audition and soon signed onto Sony Music. While waiting to make her major label debut, May J. was a dancer for Aaron Carter's Japanese concert and was featured on the track Luyva: Another Episode from Sphere of Influence's album Big Deal, credited simply as May. Released July 12, 2006 under Neosite Discs, the hip-hop division of Sony's Ki/oon Records, the music of her debut mini-album All My Girls was billed by her label as "Jennifer Lopez/Beyonc?/Rihanna-type music which has never before existed in Japan" In October 2008, she became the co-host of NHK's weekly music program, J-Melo, with Shanti Snyder, going out to 180 countries via NHK World. She become sole host on March 2010 and has remained ever since. On 6 March 2009, label Rhythm Zone opened a new official site for May J. confirming that she had left Sony to join the Avex imprint. On the May 23, 2009 her second album Family was announced, featuring the single Garden (featuring DJ Kaori, Diggy-MO', ?????????).The album did well and charted at #4 on the Oricon weekly chart. In 2013 and 2014 her cover albums "Summer Ballad Covers" and "Heartful Song Covers" were big hits and both sold over 200,000 copies. In 2014 she sang the end roll version of the title song "Let It Go" in Disney's Japanese release of the Frozen animated movie, which hit No. 8 on the Japan Hot 100 after the film's Japanese release in March 2014. The song spent several months in the top 30 on most digital charts. in 2014 she also got her first invite to the prestigious new year's eve show K?haku Uta Gassen.
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