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Death Note Alumina

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Pile post-hardcore, j-pop, indie rock, rock, japanese
There are multiple artists who go by the name Pile, the three most prominent being a garage-swamp-pom-pom band from Boston MA, a Japanese female artist and seiyuu, and an electronic duo comprised of the founders of Perlon Records. 1.) Post-hardcore band from Boston, MA. pile.bandcamp.com 2.) Pile (???) is a Japanese Singer and Seiyuu, Her real name is Hori Eriko (????) and she was born in 1988. She released a indies solo single in 2007 called "Your is All... " but didn't make a major solo debut until 2014 with the single "???FLARE", which was used as the third ending song for the anime "Tenkai Knight". (alternative tag: ????) 3.) Tech house duo consisting of Markus Nikolai and Thomas Franzmann, founders of the Perlon label. Mainly active in the late 1990s, Pile produced a handful of tracks, first on the Epic label and finally on Perlon. Their unique style blended irregular, stripped-down house beats and distorted techno melodies with unorthodox vocal samples and characterized the early tech house sound. The group is no longer active, but Nikolai and Franzmann continue to work under different aliases.
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