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Serial TV Drama J-rock, japanese, indie, alternative, rock
serialTV drama has been formed as an indie rock band in 2004 and currently is signed under Steezlab Music affiliated by Sony Records. Members: Satoshi Tokizaki (鴇崎 智史) - vocalist Futoshi Kondo (近藤 太) - bassist Goh Inamasu ( 稲増 五生) - guitarist Hiroki Arai (新井 弘毅) - guitarist Shotaro Okada ( 岡田 翔太朗) - drummer Ex-member: Ito Fumiaki (伊藤文暁) - since 2010 vocalist in another sunnyday. Intro: Band was formed in January 2004 in Saitama perfecture and has started live activities in May of the same year. By the 2010 member line-up was changed three times (see the current one above). The band name "serialTVdrama" or "rezoku dorama" was given by its drummer. serialTVdrama has strong bond with Takeuchi Denki, the telephones and TOTALFAT. Disbanded in 2012 Homepage - serialTVdrama Discography: "Unicorn's horn (ユニコーンの角)", 1st single after major debut (17 November 2010) "Must buy {マストバイ)" - 1st major mini-album (28 July 2010) " - 愛が止まらない‐Turn It Into Love‐ (Love don't stop -Turn It Into Love-)", 2nd single (02 March 2011) "Alien's Eden (桃源郷エイリアン)", 3rd single (5 June 2011) "Power Spot (パワースポット) - 1st official album (17 August 2011) Pre-debut releases: "ginger" - 1st mini-album (21 March 2007) "まえぶれ (harbinger??) - 1st single (5 March 2008) "シリアルキラー (Serial Killers)" - 1st album (2 July 2008) "まばゆい (Dazzling) - 2nd single (22 April 2009) "Loop" - 3rd single (23 May 2009) "SPACE OPERA" - 2nd album (21 October 2009)
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