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Darling in the Franxx KISS OF DEATH

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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION japanese, anime, male vocalists, J-rock, Beyond The Boundary
STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is the alias of Japanese musician, guitarist and music producer R?O?N (real name: Iida Ryuta ????). He was born in Tokyo, Japan on 19 February 1982, and is signed to the label Lantis. The alias STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION was first used for the ending theme song to the anime Kyoukai no Kanata, "Daisy". He is the vocalist and pianist of the band ROSARYHILL under his real name, and he was formerly the sound producer and guitarist of the band OLDCODEX until he quit in December 2012. He is also known for providing background music for anime and games, as well as being involved in making songs for other artists such as ????, ????, NEWS, and Coming Century.
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