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Sunny k-pop, SNSD, Korean, Kpop, norwegian
Sunny is a name of at least four singers: [1] A pseudonym Perth, Austrailia's Sean Anthony (of Braves), with EPs released: "D" (Oct 2012), "Anywhere" (Nov 2012) and "Luxury" (Mar 2013), which includes the track "Dead!". Sean ended Sunny in late 2013 to start a new project under the name Kid XL. Sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Facebook and SnyBnd.TumblR.com (official). [2] A romanisation of ??, a pseudonym of ??? (Lee Soon-kyu), a member of ???? (Girls' Generation aka ????). Her most popular solo tracks include: "Finally Now" (2009), "?? ??" (2010), "Your Doll" (2010), "The 2nd Drawer" (2013) and "Three". Sites: Wikipedia and Twitter. [3] A mononym of Sunny Wibe, a Danish artist who made her name as the singer of the art-punk band The Poets (for copyright reasons released in the U.S. as The Sealand Poets). She recorded several albums and toured the UK with The Poets getting rave reviews from journals such as Melody Maker and NME. After the band split up she worked primarily as a songwriter and journalist, netting a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Media Science along the way. Among other tracks, she penned the song "Kissing" which was performed by Bliss on the soundtrack to the original Sex and the City film. In 2010, Sunny released Vampire Boy, an edgy, hard-pumped Dance track which is attracting growing attention, not least from Twilight fans. [4] A pseudonym of Heather Wheatman (b. Chennai, India - aka Sunny Leslie). Although viewed as a one-hit-wonder for the wonderful 'Doctor's Orders' Sunny has featured on many super hits, the first being Joe Cocker's 'With A Little Help From My Friends', and the prominence given to her backing vocals on that record pretty much set her up as the singer you wanted behind you if you needed some class. Prior even to Cocker, Sunny and her sister Sue had been making records together under a variety of names (The Myrtelles, Sue & Sunshine, The Stockingtops) since 1963, and they continued to work as a team right through the period covered by Glitter Suits & Platform Boots, releasing their own records as Sue & Sunny. As far as I know this stuff hasn't been reissued on CD (yet), but it's worth searching out if you like a bit of soul in your pop, particularly the single 'Let Us Break Bread Together'. And as session singers, they turn up on more of the records in your collection than you ever dreamed possible. For example? T Rex's '20th Century Boy' and Mott the Hoople's 'Golden Age of Rock & Roll' Like her male counterpart, Tony Burrows, Sunny was a favourite of the songwriter/producers who dominated the early 70s. She sang with Burrows in The Brotherhood of Man and Edison Lighthouse, she was a member of the original Pearls and provided backing vocals on Guys & Dolls 'There's A Whole Lot Of Loving'. She also worked with Giorgio Moroder when he was inventing electro-disco with Donna Summer. And then, of course, there was that one hit under her name in collaboration with Roger Greenaway. Sites: Discogs.
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