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Maria japanese, j-pop, female vocalists, pop, J-rock
MARIA (japanese girlband) Members Maiko (???) - Bass, vocals Aika (??) - Bass, vocals Ayuka (???) - Guitar, chorus Reina (???) - Keyboards, violin TATTSU - Drums, chorus SACCHIN - Guitar, leader MARIA was a six-piece girl band headlined by Maiko, formerly of ZONE. Its lineup emphasized pairs: two bassists, two guitarists, and two vocalists. Maiko and Aika served double duty as bassist/vocalists. SACCHIN, the oldest, was the leader. The band was signed to Sony Records and managed by RunTime. In 2010, it was announced that MARIA would break up. The reason behind the dissolution was health problems of drummer, TATTSU. She was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome after one of her arms experienced numbness. Consequently, her doctor advised her to stop straining her arms, leading to various discussions between the band and staff. Although it had been suggested that TATTSU be replaced by another drummer, they turned down the idea and decided to disband after their contract expires in April. Their last concert took place at Akasaka BLITZ on April 3, 2010.
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