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Plingmin indie, japanese, rock, j-pop, pop
plingmin is Japanese Pop Rock group | Members: • 山崎 麻由 美 - Vocals • 酒井 俊 辅 - Guitar • 新 田智彦 - Guitar • 高桥 启泰 - Bass • 畠 山 结 花 里 - Drums | Biography: Founded at a festival by classmates in 2004, among other plingmin consists of two women: the first on vocals and the second on the drums. Over time, the group recorded an indie mini-album which won a small success and allows them to expand into the capital, as well as Nagoya and Osaka. In April 2008, the quintet happening on the major label Ki / oon Records and released their first mini-album called "yes, we are.". Then in August is the single "This World Is Yours" 10 which becomes the ending of the anime Gintama (Silver Soul). That same year, Japan recorded a second single "make my day" and participate in the "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08 / 09 ". Recently became their eponymous first full album October 7, 2009. | Discography: • Singles: 2008/08/06 - This world is yours 2008/11/26 - make my day 2009/07/29 - Go ahead! • Mini-Album: 2008/04/23 - yes, we are. • Album: 2009/07/10 - plingmin
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